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A ??? room with an Essence

The ??? are secret rooms in Noita. They always consists of a hollow square at a 45 degree angle, with the contents inside. This is usually either an Essence (a class of Perk) or a Portal leading to a different location. They are always made from Holy Mountain-style brickwork with diggable rock at the top.

There are numerous ??? rooms spread throughout the game:

??? (Essence of Water)[edit | edit source]

(Essence of Water)

A ??? room containing the Essence of Water. It is located to the left of The Work (Hell), below the Temple of the Art. As the Volcanic Lake and layers of extremely dense rock separate The Work and the Temple of the Art, spells that can dig through hard material (Ground To Sand or Black Hole) and spells that can neutralize Lava (Lava To Blood or Freeze Charge) are required.

??? (Essence of Air)[edit | edit source]

(Essence of Air)

A ??? room containing the Essence of Air. It is located in the center of the western Cloudscape far above the Lake. There are no requirements to enter this area as it can be reached by scaling the map's western wall of dense rock. However, there is a high density of dangerous enemies within the Cloudscape.

??? (Essence of Earth)[edit | edit source]

(Essence of Earth)

A ??? room containing the Essence of Earth. It is located in an alcove on the map's eastern wall of dense rock. This area can be reached by crossing the Desert and climbing the wall of dense rock.

??? (Essence of Spirits)[edit | edit source]

(Essence of Spirits)

A ??? room containing the Essence of Spirits. It is located at the very bottom of the Lake. The Breathless is required to dive deep enough to reach this area. Digging through the dense rock from the bottom of the Snow Chasm works as an alternative to swimming, but the ??? area itself will still be flooded with water.