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Acid flask.png
Emits from
Monster attacks
Evaporates into
Flammable Gas
Freezes into
Frozen Acid
Stain effect
No stain, damages
Drink effect
Instant damage

Acid is a liquid material that can corrode most other materials, including steel and brickwork but not glass, dense or extremely dense rock. It is bright green in color. Like Lava, acid doesn't stain, but rather deals damage on contact. It flows downward, corroding materials in its path and releasing Flammable Gas as it evaporates.

Deals ~20 DPS on contact, rapidly much more if you are further submerged essentially resulting in instant-death if fully surrounded by it. Aside from Ambrosia, there is nothing in the game that protects against or reduces acid damage, making it extremely dangerous to both you and your enemies.

Acid has no known set transmutations other than corrosion, but is occasionally part of the randomized 2 recipes for Alchemy.

Sources[edit | edit source]

  • As blood or attacks from certain enemies, such as the Happonuljaska and Äitinuljaska and their variants.
  • In giant glass vats in The Vault.
  • From desctructable red rocket-shaped barrels.
  • Created from certain spells.

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