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Alchemy is the art and science of mixing reagents in order to obtain transformations of their qualities and effects. In Noita, the great majority of alchemical reagents are in liquid form, preserved in flasks. They can be mixed with other liquids or solid materials to produce a different substances entirely. It would take a patient alchemist with access to all kinds of elements to discover how many unique concoctions exist...

General Introduction[edit | edit source]

In a world where every pixel is simulated, Alchemy occupies a main role with no surprises. Even if the player chooses to avoid picking up potions and focuses in wand-building, they must be aware of the many reactions that endlessly occur in the world of Noita. Explosions, corrosions and fires share space with purifications, teletransportations, charmings and metamorphic effects, making alchemical knowledge essential to survival.

Also, the world will spawn many sorts of materials that can react to each other in some way, while having their own particularities while isolated in puddles, mounds or tanks. So, the majority of reactions that occur while delving into the mysteries of Noita will not be caused by the player's direct actions at all. With this in mind, the character starts with three forms of modifying their surroundings:

  • A wand that shoots low-damage projectiles like Spark Bolt, Energy Sphere or Spitter Bolt, some of which can reduce powders and silence small flames at a very slow rate.
  • A wand with explosive spells such as Bomb, Firebolt or Magic Missile, which can remove chunks of terrain and/or ignite flammable materials.
  • A potion that changes its contents every game with the possibility of containing something helpful to the player or something harmful to creatures.

Additional potions can be found atop magical pedestals while exploring the dungeon, encouraging the player to make mixtures and try new reactions.

Known Recipes[edit | edit source]

  • List is sorted into base ingredients and catalysts (though in some cases these are interchangeable).
  • Ingredients marked with * are not consumed by the process and will remain with the resulting product.
Primary ingredient (base) Secondary ingredients (catalysts) Result Notes
Toxic Sludge Water* Water Use this to create large volumes of water from pools of sludge.
Toxic Sludge Mud* Swamp This can be a substitute for water, but peat grows on top which does not behave similarly to water.
Toxic Sludge Swamp* Swamp This can be used to create large volumes of swamp from pools of sludge.
Slime Water* Slime Mist
Slime Whiskey* Smoke
Invisiblium Water* Water Making water doubly dangerous to players using Invisiblium.
Water Concentrated Mana* Concentrated Mana Because, Water + Toxic Sludge = More Water. You can do

Toxic Sludge to Water then Water to Concentrated Mana.

Any metal Concentrated Mana* Steam Useful in the later biomes where steel is more present.

Be careful, as this also applies to both powder gold and gold nuggets.

Acceleratium Levitatium Hastium Gives you both potion effects, but at half the duration per drink.
Polymorphine Toxic Sludge* Chaotic Polymorphine
Flummoxium Oil and Blood Unstable Polymorphine
Acceleratium / Levitatium / Hastium Slime Gunpowder (active) This can and will kill you if you get damaged while standing in a pool of potion with the Slime Blood Perk
Whiskey Frog Meat (Konna / Jättikonna corpse)* Berserkium
Flummoxium Berserkium Pheromone
Worm Pheromone Worm Blood Flummoxium
Freezing Liquid Worm Blood* Worm Blood
Metal Powder (Gold/ Copper/ Brass) or Diamond Flummoxium Levitatium
Teleportatium / Unstable Teleportatium Concentrated Mana* Fire The fire will burn parts of the Teleportatium into Freezing Vapour.
Teleportatium Whiskey* Unstable Teleportatium
Teleportatium Unstable Teleportatium* Unstable Teleportatium
Unstable Teleportatium Slime Teleportatium Unstable Teleportatium will quickly convert the newly created normal Teleportatium back into Unstable unless only very small quantities of Unstable are used.
Honey Diamond Ambrosia + Poison
Brass Diamond Purifying Powder
Most liquids Purifying Powder* Water
Healthium / Lively Concoction Purifying Powder Gunpowder (active)
Fungus Toxic Sludge and Sand Mysterious Fungus Will turn Sand and Toxic Sludge into itself on contact.
Toxic Sludge Worm Blood and Fungus Powder Void Liquid
? ? + ? Lively Concoction Ingredients are randomly generated on each seed.
? ? + ? Alchemic Precursor Ingredients are randomly generated on each seed.
Alchemic Precursor Meat Draught of Midas
Cement Lava Smoke Both solid and liquid forms of cement will react.

There are many other less-useful interactions which follow from basic physical principles:

More interactions are detailed on the Liquid Interaction Chart

Lively Concoction and Alchemic Precursor[edit | edit source]

These two concoctions have their recipes randomly generated at the start of each new game. The recipes are always in the ternary form, being composed of three reagents. Lively Concoction is a most sought draught who heals at a better rate than the also very rare Healthium potion. The Alchemic Precursor is probably a hint into more complex recipes which this is a indispensable reagent.

A working web-based recipe calculator for Lively Concoction and Alchemic Precursor can be found here:

You can also download a mod that displays the recipes while in game by cjneff which can be found here: Though as of right now Cheatgui a popular tool amongst the community for testing things inside the game that is hard to achieve in normal play. Cheatgui's widgets for recipe display for Lively Concoction and Alchemic Precursor are not up to date with modern seed calculation meaning they still do not work.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Draught of Midas is a reference to king Midas, a man who supposedly gained the ability to convert everything he touched into gold.
  • Draught of Midas and Lively Concoction are both most likely references to transmutation and the panacea respectively, both known to be the ultimate works of Alchemy.
  • The Temple of The Art is most likely a nod to "The Arts" which is a another name for the hermetic practices.
  • Void liquid is the densest matter in game