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Monster Alchemist.png
Attack Type
Flask Thrower with random contents
Blood Fluid
Spawn Location(s)
The flasks thrown by the “Alchemist” are filled to 200% as opposed to other flasks that only have a capacity of 100%

The Alchemist (in-game Alkemisti) is a boss type enemy, that drops a high amount of gold. It throws random types of Flasks, that will sometimes hurt itself.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Alchemist can be used to gain flasks that you cannot make on your own, such as the Lava flask. A somewhat reliable way to collect flasks thrown by the Alchemist is to have them throw the flasks at you while you are submerged in deep water or other liquid, as sufficient amounts of liquid will slow the flasks down enough that they will not break when impacting a solid surface.

It can also be useful in helping you obtain other fluids in Alchemy.

Immune to lava.