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Ambrosia flask.png
Type Liquid
Freezes into n/a
Stain effect Damage Immunity
Drink effect Food Poisoning
Density ?

Ambrosia is an orange magical liquid rarely found in flasks underground. A creature stained with it blocks absolutely all health damage. It wears off very quickly with movement, so is best used while standing still.

It should be mentioned it provides no protection against offensive effects that do not do health damage, and other liquids can wash it off, making you vulnerable again.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Provides immunity against the damage from cursed rock, making travel to the parallel worlds significantly easier.
  • Due to how quickly it wears off, it is best used when anticipating damage, such as before using a particularly dangerous spell like Nuke.
  • Note that since acid or lava do not "stain" you, it is possible to use Ambrosia to immerse yourself in these materials and fill a flask with them, as it should not wash off. Take care to watch your stain amount.
  • Using Teleport Spell does not count as moving, so won't reduce the stain level. This means that you can be protected more or less indefinitely as long as you're only teleporting around. Note that the slight movement from falling after teleporting to midair (or slightly off the ground) will still count, so it is difficult to teleport with no 'movement' at all.
  • The effects of this potion even protect you form the normally insta-kill explosion that happens from exceeding 200% satiation, allowing the player to explode multiple times in a row.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The liquid will only appear inside procedurally generated flasks, and has no alchemical reactions with any other substance. It was added as part of Patch #8 on Dec 19 2019.
  • It's somewhat rare in the biomes along the main path, but can be more frequently found in the Fungal Caverns due to the increased amount of potions spawning there.