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The World of Noita Is separated into several Biomes which, at the center of the world can be grouped into several areas in rough succession of depth.

Main Path


Coal Pits

Snowy Depths

Hiisi Base

Underground Jungle

The Vault

Temple of the Art



  • The Tree
  • Mountain


Snowy Wasteland


  • Island

Cloud Scape

The Work

The Work (Sky)

The Work (Hell)

The Work (End)


Holy Mountain

The Orb Room

Parallel worlds

The Tower

The Gold

The Water



  • Many parts of the map are separated by a thick layer of dense and very dense rock making it hard to get through, however methods such as using the black hole spell or Chaotic Polymorphine and using a worm transformation can make tunneling easier.
  • Glyphs can be found scattered throughout the world map much of which translate into many different pieces of lore.

Approximate Biome Map

Repeating Sky Biomes
Moon The Gold
Cloudscape The Work (Sky) ???
Lake Snowy Wasteland Forest Desert Desert


Parallel worlds

Frozen Vault Snow Chasm Twisty Passages Collapsed Mines; Mines Lava Lake; shaft to Snowy Depths; Orb Room Desert Chasm Sandcave Desert Chasm
Fungal Caverns Coal Pits (Shaft to Snowy Depths)
Magical Temple Snowy Depths (Shaft to Snowy Depths) The Tower -->


Parallel worlds

Snow Chasm Hiisi Base
Fungal Caverns Underground Jungle Dragoncave
The Vault; Fungal Caverns
Temple of the Art The Laboratory Desert Chasm
Volcanic Lake
Volcanic Lake The Work (Hell) The Work (End)
The Gold
Repeating Hell Biomes

Current Maps

Old Maps