Black Hole

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Black Hole Spell black hole.png
A slow orb of void that eats through all obstacles
Type Projectile
Uses remaining 3
Mana drain 180
Radius 1
Speed 40
Lifetime 120
Cast delay +1.33s
Effect Destroys all Materials caught in its radius.

A somewhat uncommon Spell that summons a dark orb that travels slowly, attracting objects and consuming any terrain in its path. Does no damage to enemies or the player.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Can spawn in wands that do not have enough max mana to cast it, rendering them useless until reaching the Holy Mountain unless you have the Tinker with Wands Everywhere Perk.
  • Spell modifiers such as Speed Up and Light Shot can greatly increase the range of Black Hole, though it will still not go past your currently loaded game chunks.
  • The Black Hole is one of the few spells than can dig through both Extremely Dense Rock and Cursed Rock.
  • The Projectile Repulsion Sector perk greatly accelerates Black Hole, and in turn the range it covers during its duration.
  • The attraction effect will draw in anything affected by gravity that comes near. This includes projectiles, gold nuggets, items and potions. Since potions are fragile they're more than likely to get smashed in the process, so take care.
  • It will not be made unlimited by the Unlimited Spells perk, but can be manipulated to cast without remaining charges using greek letter spells, like Gamma.

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