Black Hole

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Black Hole Spell black hole.png
A slow orb of void that eats through all obstacles
Type Projectile
Effect Destroys all Materials caught in its radius.
Uses remaining 3
Mana drain 180
Speed 40
Cast delay +1.33 s

A somewhat uncommon Spell that summons a dark orb that travels slowly, consuming any terrain in its path. Does no damage to enemies or the player.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Can spawn in wands that do not have enough max mana to cast it, rendering them useless until reaching the Holy Mountain unless you have the wand editing Perk.
  • Spell modifiers such as Speed Up can increase the range of Black Hole.
  • The Black Hole is one of the few spells than can dig through both Extremely Dense Rock and Cursed Rock.

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