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Bomb Spell bomb.png
Summon a bomb that destroys ground very efficiently.
Type Projectile
Uses remaining 3
Mana drain 25
Explosion damage 500
Explosion radius 60
Speed 60
Cast delay +1.67 s

A Spell that summons a bomb that drops near the player. In New Game mode, the second starter wand will have a copy of this spell.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The bomb summoned with this spell has a fairly large explosive radius, and will destroy most terrain. Notable exceptions are Steel, Dense Rock and Cursed Rock.
  • The bomb, like any other summoned object, is subject to gravity and due to its shape will roll along the ground. Take care where you put it as it can easily roll away from the location you want it.
  • Like any explosive, you can double the explosive radius and power with Berserkium.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

As of "The Feast" patch in april, 2020, all bombs are now also considered to be projectiles as well as physics objects, which means that they will be affected by flight-altering modifiers, such as Homing, whereas previously they just fell to the ground.