Bouncing Burst

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BOUNCING BURST Spell rubber ball.png
A very bouncy projectile
Type Projectile
Damage 3
Mana drain 5
Speed 650
Cast delay +0.03 s
Spread modifier -0.5 DEG

This spell fires a fast projectile which bounces off surfaces and enemies many times before stopping. Is usually found in early levels.

The projectiles damage scales down when the projectile speed falls off, down to a minimum damage of 0.04. This also makes the damage increase as the projectile speeds up when combined with Accelerating Shot.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Its low damage of 3 and mana drain of 5 makes it on par with the Spark Bolt in terms of efficiency.
  • The spell synergizes well with all trail modifiers (for example Water Trail), since the projectile stays in the world for so long due to its bouncing around.
  • It also works very well with arc modifiers (such as Electric Arc), causing widespread destruction far beyond what the spell would otherwise be capable of. Be careful!
  • Freeze Charge and Bouncing Burst is not advised for people with slow computers.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Attacking an enemy
Bouncing around