Bouncing Burst

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BOUNCING BURST Spell rubber ball.png
A very bouncy projectile
Type Projectile
Damage 3
Mana drain 5
Speed 650
Cast delay +0.03 s
Spread modifier -0.5 DEG

A Spell which will bounce repeatedly upon hitting any solid surface. Is usually found in the early levels.

Consecutive bounces will reduce the projectile's damage.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Its low damage of 3 and mana drain of 5 makes it on par with the Spark Bolt in terms of efficiency.
  • The spell synergizes well with all trail modifiers (for example Water Trail), since the projectile stays in the world for so long due to its bouncing around.
  • It also works very well with arc modifiers (such as Electric Arc), causing widespread destruction far beyond what the spell would otherwise be capable of. Be careful!
  • Freeze Charge and Bouncing Burst is not advised for people with slow computers.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Attacking an enemy
Bouncing around