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Chainsaw Spell chainsaw.png
Good for digging meat.
Type Projectile
Damage 13
Mana drain 1
Drill damage 0
Speed 200
Recharge time -0.17 s

A Spell that spawns a very short ranged projectile of sparks at the tip of the wand. This spell will cause the creature or piece of meat hit to quickly bleed a great amount of liquid of the type the creature uses as blood, producing Blood, Slime, Lava, Fire or Gunpowder.

It is also capable to digging through non-hard materials like Dirt, Ice, etc, but also harder materials up to Dense Rock (albeit very slowly).

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • This Spell is a key component of "machinegun wands" due to its negative Recharge Time stat, which can lower the time it takes for a wand to reset after its spells are spent.
  • As Chainsaws have extremely low mana drain they can be added to any wand at little cost, other than the slot to place it.
  • When coupled with the Increase Duration modifier, the Chainsaw spell becomes a randomly hitting invisible ranged projectile, producing sparks at the points of impact.
  • Can be used effectively with a trigger spell: Once the trigger hits, it spawns the chainsaw projectile which will most likely instantly hit the same target. With multicast modifiers, many chainsaw spells can be put on a single trigger for almost no extra cost.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Blood for the blood gods!