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Chainsaw Spell chainsaw.png
Good for digging meat.
Type Projectile
Damage 13
Mana drain 0
Drill damage 0
Speed 200
Recharge time -0.17 s

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

This spell usually operates at melee range. It can be used to shorten the recharge time on wands so the wands can get to the other spells faster.

As per its description, using the chainsaw on a corpse will produce a significant amount of additional liquid of whatever sort the creature used as blood. This can produce large amounts of blood, slime, lava, fire or gunpowder, so use wisely.

The chainsaw can slowly cut through all but the hardest of rocks, making it an excellent tool for controlled mining to access veins of gold. This use is most feasible when used in a wand with exceptionally short cast delay and recharge time.

Can be used effectively with a trigger spell: once the trigger hits, it spawns the "chainsaw projectile", which will most likely hit the same target. With multicast modifiers, many chainsaw spells can be put on a single trigger for no extra cost.