Chaotic Transmutation

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Projectile modifier that gives the projectile a field (of similar size to Damage Field) that turns most liquids and some powders into random liquids and powders out of a limited set. It seems that the transformation is fixed at projectile creation time, not randomized per-frame, although one projectile can sometimes create "banded" mixtures of two different results.

Can produce at least all of those: Water, Toxic Sludge, Blood, Oil, Slime, Lava, Acid, Berserkium, Invisiblium, Polymorphine, Teleportium, Chaotic Polymorphine, Worm Blood, Brass, Silver (note: very rare otherwise), Purifying Powder (also rare), Diamond, Snow, Fungus, Curious Fungus, Burning Powder

Will not transform at least those elements: Anything solid, Brass, Silver, Diamond, Berserkium, Invisiblium, Polymorphine, Teleportium, Chaotic Polymorphine