Chaotic Transmutation

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Chaotic Transmutation Spell transmutation.png
Transmutes various liquids and powdery substances into something else
Type Projectile modifier
Uses remaining 8
Mana drain 80
Cast delay +0.33 s

This projectile modifier spell causes affected projectiles to transmute most liquids and some powders into a random liquid or powder (from a limited set) in a moderate radius around them as they travel. It appears that the transformation is fixed at projectile creation time (rather than randomised each frame), though one projectile can sometimes create "banded" mixtures of two different results.

Capability[edit | edit source]

It can produce at least all of the following substances:

Water Toxic sludge Blood Oil Slime Lava Acid Berserkium Invisiblium Polymorphine Teleportium
Chaotic polymorphine Worm blood Brass Silver (note: very rare otherwise) Purifying powder (also rare) Diamond Snow Fungus Curious fungus Burning powder

It will not transform anything solid, and at least these materials:

Brass Silver Diamond Berserkium
Invisiblium Polymorphine Teleportium Chaotic polymorphine

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Since it comes with limited charges and you cannot control what the modifier will create, this spell is more or less useless for combat purposes. It is affected by the Unlimited Spells Perk though.
  • It IS critical to discover certain secrets, however...
  • Combining this spell with Ground To Sand will allow it to transform nearly any material except for the excluded liquids and powders, as any solid material will be transmuted to sand, which will then will be transmuted by this spell.

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