Circle of Acid

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Circle of Acid Spell circle acid.png
An expanding circle of dripping acid
Type Projectile modifier
Uses remaining 4
Mana drain 40
Cast delay +0.33 s

A spell that creates a very large rapidly expanding orb of Acid in melee range. The flow effect is stopped by terrain and solid materials, but not creatures (including the player).

It is sometimes found as a trap, triggered by picking up the wand from the pedestal it is connected to.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Extremely dangerous! If you don't have a way to teleport or keep yourself away from it, or it is activated remotely while out of line-of-sight, it WILL kill you. Casting it off a cliff is usually not enough.
  • If you can use it, it's a very good way to strip an area or break through levels. Additionally, 2 casts can easily deal with the consequence breaking through levels usually incurs.

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