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Climbing the wall at the end of the world will place you at the edge of Cloudscape
Sample of Enemies in Cloud Scape.jpg

A sprawling realm composed entirely of clouds, the Cloudscape is a dangerous area located high in the skies. Many powerful enemies reside here, including Ukko, Taivaskristallit, Peitsivartijat, and Hohtava hyypiö. Solid objects, like Gold nuggets, will fall through the cloudy terrain.

Western Cloudscape[edit | edit source]

Cloudscape (West)

The larger Cloudscape located far above the Lake. At the center is a ??? containing the Essence of Air. In the upper-left, a small cave containing Refreshing Gourds can be found. It can be reached by climbing the western wall of dense rock.

Eastern Cloudscape[edit | edit source]

Cloudscape (East)

A smaller Cloudscape located far above the Pyramid. On the eastern side of the area is the Coral Chest. This area can only be reached with a method of infinite flight, such as Teleport Bolt or multiple stacks of the Stronger Levitation perk.