Cursed Sphere

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Cursed Sphere Spell cursed orb.png
A projectile that brings bad luck to anyone it hits
Type Projectile
Mana drain 40
Damage (Projectile) 15.0
Radius 1
Spread 8.6 DEG
Speed 1
Lifetime 120
Cast delay +0.33s

A spell that casts a quickly accelerating red orb, that bounces a few times before vanishing, similar to the attack of the Märkiäinen. If it hits something, a red thunder cloud will follow it for about 11 second, pouring down rain and occasionally shooting out lightning. It can "bring bad luck" to anything that can take damage including not just enemies but explosives (such as barrels or propane tanks), the training dummies found in the Holy Mountain and even flasks or lanterns. Note that it cannot "bring bad luck" to the caster without the use of modifiers.

Tips[edit | edit source]

If used with Piercing Shot modifier, It can bring bad luck to the caster.

Gallery[edit | edit source]