Damage Field

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Damage Field Spell area damage.png
Gives a projectile an energy field that constantly deals 3.5 damage to nearby creatures
Type Projectile modifier
Mana drain 30

A modifier that causes the affected spell(s) to gain a purple aura which constantly causes small amounts of damage (about 3-4 per game tick) to every enemy it touches.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The damage amount of the aura cannot be increased without adding an additional one.
  • This modifier synergizes very well with Triplicate Bolt due to the multiple projectiles it produces.
  • It also works well with projectiles that don't dissipate for a while, such as Bouncing Burst, especially when paired with Homing which causes them to grind through most enemies in seconds.
  • Combine the effect with larger multicast modifier that spread projectiles wide, such as Quadruple Scatter Spell, to produce waves of aura projectiles.