Digging Bolt

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A Spell

Description[edit | edit source]


A really useful tool if combined with the right staff (for exaple the second starting staff, which carries bombs, as it has extremely low cast delay, and reload time). It can be used to dig through soft ground very easily, and to get gold really fast(hundreds of gold can be easily amassed without any real danger)

Stats[edit | edit source]

Description: "Ideal for Mining Operations"

Type: Projectile

Mana drain: 0

Damage: 8

Damage Drill: 0

Cast delay: +0.02s

Recharge Time: -0.17s

Trivia[edit | edit source]

This spell seems to operate at melee range.

It is capable of digging through Dense stone, but not Extremely Dense stone.

Digging Bolt Action.jpg

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