Draught of Midas

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Draught of Midas
Type Liquid
Freezes into n/a
Stain effect Alcoholic
Drink effect (Poison 10s), and

(Food Poisoning 10s)

Density ?

Draught of Midas is an extremely rare, golden liquid. Contact with it will turn any solid or powdery material into gold powder. It is created by combining Alchemic precursor with Meat or some already made Draught of Midas.

It is harmless but it will inflict the drunk stain, just like being soaked in Whiskey. And drinking it gives you 10 seconds of both Food PoisoningEffect food poisoning.png, and PoisonEffect Poisoned.png.

Maximizing gold earnings[edit | edit source]

Pouring Draught of Midas by itself onto a solid surface will turn it into gold, but without a nearby liquid to turn into more of itself, the Draught of Midas will be lost. It can be tempting to try and mix it with water using the player's body, but the player can create large pockets of air that will also cause the Draught to disappear. The best way to maximize the gold created from Draught of Midas is to pour it into a small body of water and use small objects that interact with liquids, such as projectiles or pieces of debris, to mix the water.

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