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About[edit | edit source]

This table exists as a public resource regarding the basic enemy information in Noita. Implemented into the Wiki for your convenience.

This is a work in progress and is being updated frequently.

NOTE: The HP listed here is for the enemy at their weakest. Enemy HP scales with the biome they spawn in. A Tentacler in The Vault will have more HP than one found in Fungal Caverns, for example.

Icon Internal Name In-Game Name Alias HP Blood Type Attack Type Drop on Death Spawn Location
Yes animal_acidshooter Happonuljaska Acid Slime 25 Acid Collapsed Mines/Coal Pits/Fungal Caverns/The Vault/Temple of the Art/Pyramid
Yes animal_acidshooter_weak Heikko happonuljaska Weak Acid Slime 10 Acid Mines
Yes animal_alchemist Alkemisti Alchemist 75 Blood Mines/Coal Pits/Fungal Caverns/Pyramid
Yes animal_ant Murkku Ant 125 Slime Fungal Caverns
Yes animal_assassin Salamurhaajarobotti Assassin Robot 200 Oil The Vault
Yes animal_barfer Turvonnu velho Bloated Wizard 100 Temple of the Art
Yes animal_bat Lepakko Bat 12.5 Slime Coal Pits
Yes animal_bigbat Suurlepakko Large Bat 87.5 Slime Coal Pits
Yes animal_bigfirebug Suurtulikärpänen Large Firefly 25 Lava Coal Pits
Yes animal_bigzombie Mätänevä ruumis Rotting Corpse 100 Fungal Caverns/The Vault
animal_bigzombiehead Mätänevä pää Rotting Head 100
animal_bigzombietorso Mätänevä kroppa Rotting Body 150
Yes animal_blob Kiukkumöykky Angry Blob 37.5 Fungal Caverns/The Vault
Yes animal_bloodcrystal_physics Verikristalli Blood Crystal 100 The Work
Yes animal_bloom Puska Bloom 100 Slime Underground Jungle
Yes animal_boss_centipede Kolmisilmä Three-Eye The Laboratory
animal_boss_centipede_minion Kolmisilmän apuri 200
Yes animal_boss_dragon Suomuhauki Dragon 3000 Dragon Cave
animal_boss_dragon_endcrystal Mato 1750
Yes animal_boss_limbs Kolmisilmän koipi 250
Yes animal_chest_mimic Matkija Mimic 75
Yes animal_crystal_physics Kirottu kristalli Cursed Crystal 200 Temple of the Art
Yes animal_darkghost Haamu Wraith 500 Blood Worm
animal_deer Nelikoipi Deer 20 Lake
animal_drone Lennokki Drone 10
Yes animal_drone_physics Lennokki Drone 10 The Vault
animal_duck Ankka Duck 2.5 Lake
animal_eel Nahkiainen Lamprey 500 Blood Worm
animal_elk Poro Reindeer 25 Lake
Yes animal_firebug Pikkutulikärpänen Tiny Firefly 5 Coal Pits
Yes animal_firemage Eldari Hellfire Mage 125 Lava Coal Pits/The Vault
Yes animal_firemage_weak Stendari Fire Mage 80 Lava Mines/Collapsed Mines
Yes animal_fireskull Liekkiö Fire Skull 35 Gunpowder Mines/Collapsed Mines/Coal Pits
Yes animal_fish Eväkäs Fish 2.5
Yes animal_fish_large Suureväkäs Large Fish 2.5
Yes animal_flamer Liekkari Flamer 50 Oil Underground Jungle/The Vault/Sand Cave
Yes animal_fly Amppari Bee 37.5 Underground Jungle
Yes animal_frog Konna Toad 7.5 Collapsed Mines
Yes animal_fungus Laahustussieni Shuffling Fungus 65 Mines/Collapsed Mines/Fungal Caverns/Underground Jungle
Yes animal_gazer Helvetinkatse Hell Gazer 150 Lava The Work
Yes animal_ghost Houre Delirium 500 Blood Worm
animal_ghoul Sylkyri 75 Slime
Yes animal_giant Hiidenkivi Monolith 150 Snow Depths
Yes animal_giantshooter Äitinuljaska Mother Slime 125 Acid Collapsed Mines/Coal Pits/Fungal Caverns
Yes animal_giantshooter_weak Heikko äitinuljaska Weak Mother Slime 50 Acid Mines
Yes animal_healerdrone_physics Korjausdrone Repair Drone 13.75 Hiisi Base/The Vault/Sand Cave
Yes animal_icer Jäähdytyslaite Cooler 50 Oil The Vault
Yes animal_iceskull Jäätiö Ice Skull 37.5 Snow Depths
Yes animal_lasershooter Mulkkio Peerer 150 The Vault
Yes animal_longleg Hämis Spidey 4 Blood Mines
Yes animal_lukki Hämähäkki Spider 162.5 Underground Jungle
animal_lukki_creepy Kasvoton Hämähäkki 150
Yes animal_lukki_creepy_long Kasvoton Lukki Headless Spider 150 Blood Worm Lukki Lair
Yes animal_lukki_longleg Lukki Daddy Longlegs 200 Underground Jungle
Yes animal_maggot Toukka Maggot 87.5 Fungal Caverns/The Vault/Temple of the Art
Yes animal_mimic_physics Matkija Mimic 150
animal_mine_scavenger Miina Mine ?
Yes animal_miner Tappurahiisi Hiisi Miner 25 Blood Collapsed Mines/Coal Pits/Hiisi Base
Yes animal_miner_fire Tulihiisi Fire Hiisi 50 Blood Collapsed Mines/Coal Pits
Yes animal_miner_santa Jouluhiisi Christmas Hiisi 100 Mines/Collapsed Mines/Coal Pits
Yes animal_miner_weak Tappurahiisiläinen Weak Hiisi Miner 11 Blood Mines/Collapsed Mines
Yes animal_miniblob Möykky Blob 8.75
Yes animal_missilecrab Heinäsirkka Locust 187.5 Oil The Vault
Yes animal_necromancer Stevari Guardian 125 Bone Snow Depths/Temple of the Art
Yes animal_pebble Lohkare Rock Spirit 600
animal_pebble_player Toveri lohkare ?
Yes animal_phantom_a Spiraalikalma Spiral Phantom 75 Temple of the Art/Pyramid
Yes animal_phantom_b Kiukkukalma Angry Phantom 75 Temple of the Art/Pyramid
animal_player Minä I 100
Yes animal_playerghost Kummitus Ghost ?
Yes animal_rat Rotta Rat 5 Coal Pits/Fungal Caverns/Snow Depths
Yes animal_roboguard Robottikyttä Robo-Cop 125 Oil The Vault
Yes animal_scavenger_clusterbomb Isohiisi Hiisi Bomber 150 Blood Underground Jungle/Hiisi Base
Yes animal_scavenger_grenade Kranuhiisi Hiisi Grenadier 25 Blood Snow Depths/Hiisi Base/Underground Jungle/The Vault/Sand Cave
Yes animal_scavenger_heal Parantajahiisi Hiisi Healer 25 Blood Underground Jungle/Hiisi Base/The Vault/Sand Cave
Yes animal_scavenger_leader Toimari Hiisi Leader 100 Blood Underground Jungle/Hiisi Base/The Vault/Sand Cave
Yes animal_scavenger_mine Miinankylväjä Hiisi Mine Thrower 75 Blood Coal Pits/Underground Jungle/The Vault/Sand Cave
Yes animal_scavenger_poison Myrkkyhiisi Hiisi Poisoner 150 Blood Underground Jungle/Sand Cave
Yes animal_scavenger_smg Rynkkyhiisi Hiisi Gunner 25 Blood Snow Depths/Hiisi Base/Underground Jungle/The Vault/Sand Cave
animal_scorpion Skorpioni Scorpion 2.5 Pyramid
animal_sheep Lammas Sheep 2.5 Lake
animal_sheep_bat Lentolammas Flying Sheep 7.5
animal_sheep_fly Suhiseva lammas 5
Yes animal_shooterflower Plasmakukka Plasm Flower 125 Underground Jungle
Yes animal_shotgunner Haulikkohiisi Hiisi Shotgunner 22.5 Blood Collapsed Mines/Coal Pits/Snow DepthsHiisi Base/
Yes animal_shotgunner_weak Heikko haulikkohiisi Weak Hiisi Shotgunner 9 Blood Mines
Yes animal_skullfly Kallokärpänen Skull Fly 105 Slime Temple of the Art/Pyramid
Yes animal_skullrat Kallorotta Skull Rat 92.5 Blood Temple of the Art/Pyramid
Yes animal_slimeshooter Limanuljaska Toxic Slime 18.75 Toxic Sludge Collapsed Mines/Coal Pits/Fungal Caverns/Snow Depths
animal_slimeshooter_boss_limbs Äitilimanuljaska 17.5
Yes animal_slimeshooter_weak Heikko limanuljaska Weak Toxic Slime 7.5 Toxic Sludge Mines
Yes animal_sniper Snipuhiisi Sniper Hiisi 45 Snow Depths/Hiisi Base/Underground Jungle/The Vault/Sand Cave
Yes animal_spitmonster Helvetin sylkijä Hell Spitter 150 The Work
Yes animal_statue_physics Patsas Statue 150
Yes animal_tank KK-Tankki Tank 112.5 Oil Snow Depths/Hiisi Base/The Vault/Sand Cave
Yes animal_tank_rocket IT-Tankki Rocket Tank 125 Oil Snow Depths/Hiisi Base/The Vault/Sand Cave
animal_tank_super Laser-Tankki Laser Tank 237.5 Snow Depths/Hiisi Base/The Vault/Sand Cave
Yes animal_tentacler Turso Tentacler 125 Fungal Caverns/The Vault/Temple of the Art
Yes animal_tentacler_small Pikkuturso Small Tentacler 18.75 Fungal Caverns/The Vault/Temple of the Art
Yes animal_thundermage Ukko Thunder Mage 125 Diamond Mines/Collapsed Mines/Coal Pits/Fungal Caverns/Snow Depths/The Vault/Temple of the Art
Yes animal_turret Torjuntalaite Turret 75 The Vault
Yes animal_wand_ghost Taikasauva Magic Wand ?
Yes animal_wizard_dark Sokaisunmestari Master of Blinding 100 Fungal Caverns/Snow Depths/The Vault/Temple of the Art/Sand Cave
Yes animal_wizard_poly Muodonmuutosmestari Master of Polymorphing 100 Fungal Caverns/Temple of the Art
Yes animal_wizard_tele Siirtäjämestari Master of Teleportation 100 Fungal Caverns/Snow Depths/Temple of the Art/Sand Cave
animal_wolf Susi Wolf 15 Lake
Yes animal_worm Mato Worm 500 Blood Worm
Yes animal_worm_big Jättimato Giant Worm 3500 Blood Worm
Yes animal_worm_end Helvetinmato Hell Worm 625 Lava The Work
Yes animal_worm_skull Kalmamato Death Worm 625 Temple of the Art
Yes animal_worm_tiny Pikkumato Tiny Worm 75 Blood Worm
Yes animal_zombie Hurtta Hound 13 Blood Collapsed Mines/Fungal Caverns
Yes animal_zombie_weak Heikkohurtta Weak Hound 5 Mines