Energy Orb

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ENERGY ORB Spell slow bullet.png
A fast, arcing projectile.
Type Projectile
Damage 11
Mana drain 30
Explosion damage 18
Explosion radius 15
Spread +1 DEG
Speed 210
Cast delay +0.10 s

A Spell that channels magic into a large orb of energy that travels forward in a straight line a medium distance at a somewhat slow speed. It has a sizeable explosion radius that is highly effective against most types of terrain (up to Dense Rock in hardness) and is, unlike most explosive damage, completely harmless to the player.

It also comes in trigger and timer variants, both consuming 50 mana per shot instead of 30.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Due to the heavy terrain damage and lack of friendly-fire, its very well suited for digging.
  • The mana drain-to-damage ratio of the spell is pretty bad, especially for the Trigger and Timer variants, so it's a costly spell to use for actual combat.
  • If you boost the spell with Berserkium and use a fairly rapid fire wand, the orbs will destroy frankly ridiculous amounts of terrain.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Attacking an enemy with the spell
Digging with orbs
Stats of the trigger variant