Energy Shield

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Energy Shield Spell energy shield.png
Deflects incoming projectiles
Type Passive
Mana drain 10

The Energy Shield is a passive spell, meaning that when placed in a wand it will immediately activate and start to drain the listed amount of mana from it every second, limiting its mana regeneration. It will never be cast manually, and is unaffected by triggers and modifiers.

The shield will deflect all projectiles, taking damage while doing so and can eventually break. When it breaks it will take a few seconds to recharge and then reappear. The shielded area is a bit larger & stronger than the one produced by the Permanent Shield perk.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Like all shield effects in the game, this spell is extremely valuable and should always be considered. The 10 mana/s it drains is well worth the extra protection it provides.
  • Keep in mind that it only guards against projectiles; It does nothing against liquids and falling debris. Also, enemies who get inside the shield radius can shoot you normally.

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