Energy Shield Sector

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Energy Shield Sector Spell energy shield sector.png
Deflects incoming projectiles
Type Passive
Mana drain 10

The Energy Shield Sector creates a piece of a shield in the direction the wand is aiming. As it is a passive spell, it will immediately activate upon being placed in a wand and stay active until taken out or the wand is de-selected. It drains 10 mana/second, and will thus limit the mana regeneration ability of the wand.

The shield will keep reflecting projectiles shot against it until its taken too much damage, upon which it will fail and need a few seconds to come back online again.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Just like its cousin with better coverage, the Energy Shield, this spell is extremely valuable as it can literally save your life. The limited arc in which it protects you is not that much of a downside as you'll usually be aiming at the enemy anyway.
  • Shields only guards you against moving projectiles. All sources of damage can still hurt you.

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