Explosion of Brimstone

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Explosion of Brimstone Spell fire blast.png
A fiery explosion!
Type Static projectile
Mana drain 10
Damage (Explosion) 30
Radius 30
Cast delay +0.05s
Explosion Spells
Explosion of Brimstone
Explosion of Poison
Explosion of Spirits
Explosion of Thunder
Magical Explosion
Static projectile spells that conjure a burst of, usually harmful, magic.

Unless modified to cast at range, these spells will detonate point blank.

This spell creates an explosion of fire at the point of casting. Will damage a player without the Explosion Immunity perk.

Status effects: dazed, on fire

Digging strength: 4 – Rock

Tips[edit | edit source]

    • A timer or trigger spell, such as Spark Bolt With Trigger, allows ranged casting.
  • Explosion of Brimstone is the cheapest of the Explosion spells and is efficiently repeatable.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Effect of the spell with Spark Bolt trigger
Attacking, also with trigger