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Fire is a liquid material in Noita that appears throughout the game. It is produced as a result from many different actions such as explosions, spells, lanterns and barrels. It is not uncommon for the path the player has taken to be reduced to a scorching hellscape.

About[edit | edit source]

  • The "On Fire" debuff from being stained with it will sap your health constantly at about 2% of Max HP every second, and can easily result in your death if not put out. Being splashed with even very small amounts of water will eliminate the debuff immediately, regardless of its intensity.
  • Being wet with Oil will increase your flammability.
  • The Immunity to Fire perk will completely block the debuff from being applied to you, making even swimming in burning oil harmless. The initial animation for being set on fire will still play, however, and the extinguishing sound effect will be heard multiple times while the perk constantly negates the fire.
  • Flasks filled with fire can occasionally spawn, which can be sprayed like any other liquid. If not near a flammable object then the fire will shortly consume itself and fizzle out.
    • Fire can actually be captured in a flask if the flask is held over flame particles.
  • Different things burn at different rates. Whiskey burns almost instantly, as does Flammable Gas. Coal is the slowest burnable substance of all with Oil somewhere in the between.
  • Burning anything produces some amount of Smoke, which can choke the player in high concentrations (usually near a ceiling). Burning water will produce steam, some of which will turn back into water and rain back down.
  • Fire can be frozen with certain spells, producing powdery fire pixels on the floor. These may re-light themselves after a while. Frozen fire will not stain the player.
  • Enemies lit on fire will stop attacking and will move around in panic for the duration.