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Effect On fire.png
Type Liquid
Biomes Various
Emits from Various
Evaporates into Smoke
Freezes into Fire
Stain effect On Fire Effect On fire.png
Drink effect ?
Density 0.1? (Always floats on top)

Fire is a liquid material in Noita.

Explosions, spells, and objects such as lanterns and volatile barrels can all produce fire.

A creature who touches fire will ignite, suffering 2% of their Max HP (minimum 1) damage per second while ablaze. Water and many other liquids put out fire. Conversely, some liquids make creatures more flammable.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Enemies lit on fire stop attacking and move around in panic for the duration.
    • Creatures may be immune to panic, and some are immune to fire itself.
  • Creatures on fire move faster.
  • Being wet with oil increases flammability.
    • Whiskey also increases flammability.
  • Being wet will water decreases flammability, briefly negating it. Exposure to fire quickly dries out wetness. When wetness expires, the creature becomes vulnerable.
    • Many other liquid stains also grant fire resistance in this fashion.
  • The Immunity to Fire perk blocks all damage associated with fire, though the player can still be lit on fire and ignite flammable materials they touch.
    • Immunity to Fire does not block damage caused by explosions.
  • Fire can be captured in a flask if the flask is held over flame particles.
  • Different materials burn at different rates. Whiskey burns almost instantly, as does Flammable Gas. Coal is the slowest burnable substance with Oil somewhere between.
  • Burning produces smoke which cannot be breathed and can suffocate a creature who stays surrounded.
    • Burning water will produce steam, some of which will turn back into water and rain down again.
  • Fire can be frozen with certain spells, producing solid, powdery fire pixels. These may re-light themselves after a while. Frozen fire will not stain the player.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Objects[edit | edit source]

  • Lantern
  • Red Barrel
  • Flask of Fire

Phenomena[edit | edit source]

  • Heat + flammable material
    • Lava
    • Many types of explosions
  • Fire spells