Fire Arc

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Fire Arc Spell arc fire.png
Creates arcs of fire between projectiles (requires 2 projectile spells)
Type Projectile modifier
Mana drain 15
Arc Spells
Electric Arc
Fire Arc
Gunpowder Arc
Poison Arc
Projectile modifier spells that add an arc of material between multiple projectiles. Arc spells require a minimum of two projectiles in order to function

Fire Arc is a modifer that causes flaming particles to flow between fired projectiles. Unless the spell naturally produces more than one projectile per cast, like Triplicate Bolt, it must be used with a mutlicast modifer to work. Creatures hit by the particles will be set on fire.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Fire Arc is, funnily enough, the "safest" of the Arc-series to use due to the counteracting effects of being soaked in water,