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Firebolt Spell grenade.png
A bouncy, explosive bolt
Type Projectile
Damage 45
Uses remaining 25
Mana drain 50
Explosion damage 190
Explosion radius 7
Spread 2.9 DEG
Speed 265
Cast delay +0.50 s

A Spell that launches a small explosive ball of fire that explodes when hitting an enemy or the terrain head-on. When hitting the terrain at a bit of an angle, it will bounce instead until it either hits terrain head-on or runs out of motion, then explodes. It is similar to a grenade in other games.

Comes with 25 charges.

Also exists as a trigger variant.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Firebolt is useful in the early levels both as a tool for digging and doing heavy damage to the enemies there. It can be somewhat hard to control at times.
  • The version with a trigger is usually found on wands with many copies of that spell, making the wand produce firebolts that bounce around and explode several times which can be useful against packs of enemies. Due to its limited charges and high mana drain, it is not very useful outside of this niche.
  • It is possible to dig into the ceiling with this spell as long as you angle the attack correctly.
  • The sizeable Cast Delay isn't much of a detriment, instead helping you avoid launching too many at once and wasting charges.

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With Trigger