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Flasks are containers of liquids which can be found on pedestals while traversing the caverns of Noita. They can be carried in one of the four item slots in your inventory bar, and can be equipped like a wand by either clicking the icon or pressing the hotkey for the slot (number keys 5-8 by default).

The player starts with a Water Flask.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Flasks can either be thrown or sprayed with left and right click on mouse, respectively. Throwing creates a projectile that shatters on impact with enemies or the terrain, expelling the contents of the flask. Spraying slowly empties the flask's contents towards the cursor, allowing the flask to become empty.

A flask's contents may also be instantly emptied by opening your inventory and right-clicking it, though this may be wasteful considering that potion fluid on the ground is always reusable. It is recommended to do when attempting to drain bodies of liquids more quickly than by just drinking them.

On PC, you can drop a flask to the ground by going to the inventory screen and clicking and dragging it into the world. However, flasks are brittle, and will likely shatter if not dropped gently.

Refilling and Mixing[edit | edit source]

Flasks typically spawn filled to 100%, and may be manually refilled back up to that level. They may sometimes spawn filled to 200%, but if emptied will only be able to be filled up to 100%.

While the player has an equipped flask at less than 100% capacity, the flask will automatically fill itself with any liquid the player comes in contact with, whether the player wants the liquid to be bottled up or not. Flasks can also be filled by dropping them carefully into a pool of the liquid you want to collect.

Filling a flask can be accelerated by waving the mouse around while submerged, this both fills the flask faster and can allow you fill a flask from a smaller puddle than you normally could.

Flasks can contain a mixture of liquids, and will release all contained substances at once when sprayed or broken. Mixing substances can sometimes be detrimental - for example, if you're attempting to spray Lava or Toxic Sludge and your flask has been contaminated with Water, the water may neutralize the lava/sludge in midair.

Exploration[edit | edit source]

Projectiles and explosions may puncture holes in flasks laying around in the world, causing the liquid to leak out in a large spray. Enough damage may cause the potion to completely break on the spot as if it had been thrown, creating a burst of liquid and destroying the containing flask. Often, damage like this may occur without player interaction, leaving the player to discover pools of magical liquids in places they wouldn't normally spawn.

The mines will sometimes spawn with a room containing a large pit and multiple shelves of flasks, which is often populated by alchemists. The Hiisi Base has a similar room, except that the flasks are replaced with bottles that can't be picked up and only release their contents when destroyed.

Alchemists and Hiisi Pyros throw an infinite supply of 200% filled flasks as their primary method of attack, which can be caught midair or simply picked up and reused if the flask lands without breaking.

List of Flasks[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Properties Drink Effect Notes
Item Potion.png Empty Flask Can be filled with any liquid. None. Very useful if you don't have a water flask or need to store large quantities of a certain liquid.
Water Flask.png Water Flask Gets rid of all stains, puts out fire easily, and also helps prevent you from catching fire. No known effect. Often great to keep a bottle of this with you. Converts Toxic Sludge into more water which is good way to avoid toxic sludge.
Blood Flask.png Blood Flask Can be sprayed to cover yourself in Blood, which helps prevent fire while also giving a bonus to critical chance. No known effect.

Does not restore health with Vampirism perk.

Most enemies in the Mines and Hiisi Base are a reliable source of blood.
Polymorphine Flask.png Polymorphine Flask Transforms the user into a winged sheep with low HP. Instantly turn into a sheep. Lasts 5-7 seconds. Can be used to gain a lot of extra height, as transformations do not detract from your levitation meter. Tap 'levitate' repeatedly to gain constant bursts of height.
Chaotic Polymorphine Flask.png Chaotic Polymorphine Flask Transforms the user into almost any creature in the game. Instantly turn into something. Very risky. The user may turn into enemies with various special effects, such as fire or electricity or terrain-damaging explosions. Worm-type creatures can tunnel through nearly any material, with the risk of being caught inside walls when turning back.

If you fire projectiles, but transform back, those projectiles can then suddenly damage you.

Beserkium Flask.png Berserkium Flask Doubles the damage and explosion radius of the user's attacks. Become Berserk. Buff is invisible.

Stains cannot remove your buff. Length unknown.

Only applies to the abilities of those affected by Berserkium, doesn't affect secondary damage sources (e.g., explosive barrels).
Teleportatium Flask.png Teleportium Flask Causes the user to randomly teleport a moderate distance away. Begin teleporting randomly. Length unknown (two teleports?). Can be used to teleport in/out of the Holy Mountain escaping the trigger that makes it collapse. Teleporting does not consume the liquid, allowing one to go back to a puddle of it to try again.
Pheromone Flask.png Pheromonium Flask Causes creatures to attack other enemies instead of you. No known effect. Enemies will still attack the player in retaliation to taking damage from them. Has no known effect on the player.
Invisiblium Flask Bottle.png Invisiblium Flask Cause you to be ignored by all enemies. Stains cannot remove your buff, only interrupt it.

Length unknown.

Effects don't work if the player has any stains other than Invisiblium. Creatures with this effect appear semi-transparent to the player.
GunPowder Flasks.png Gunpowder Flask Sprays gunpowder. Damages you for ~10 damage. Mini-explosives mine through terrain and cause fire.
Lava Flask.png Lava Flask Does massive damage to whatever touches it. Sets you on fire and deals 10-20(?) damage over time. Slowly melts steel, and can be hardened into rock using water, blood, toxic sludge, or poison. A lava lake can be found East of the mines, and some creatures bleed lava.
Freezing Liquid Flask.png Freezing Liquid Flask Sprays freezing liquid. ? Freezing liquid quickly evaporates into damaging freezing vapour which rises like smoke or steam, making this flask both dangerous and difficult to use.
Fire Flask.png Fire Flask Allows you to spray fire. Damages you for ~10 damage and makes you slippery, similar to being stained by oil. Great for the first floor where there's a lot of wood blocking your path.
Oil Flask.png Oil Flask Makes you slippery and more vulnerable to catching fire. Damages you for ~10 damage and makes you slippery, similar to being stained by it. Lamps and Fire Drums have a little bit of oil. It can be used to increase the duration of fire on mobs.
55x55px Cocktail Flask Sprays a burning yellow substance known as 'liquid fire'. ? Technically only labeled in-game as "Cocktail." It is thrown by Fire Hiisi, often found in the Mines and Coal Pits.

This flask is unique in that it cannot be refilled with new liquids, and always creates an explosion when destroyed, even if completely empty.

Whiskey Flask.png Whiskey Flask Your aim gets worse and you are more vulnerable to fire. Disrupts the aim, similar to being stained by whiskey, but doesn't apply any debuffs. The Liquid can be found in the kegs in the mines.
Slime Flask.png Slime Flask Slows the user down, protects you from fire. Damages you for ~10 damage. Dropped by Bat and Large Bat.
Toxic Sludge Flask.png Toxic Sludge Flask Does 2 damage to the user every second unless under 5 hp. Damages you for ~10 damage. Dropped by the Toxic Slime and related enemies when injured or killed.
Acid Flask.png Acid Flask Dissolves materials and creatures that come in contact with it. Damages you for ~10 damage? Cause harm to enemies and players when stepped on.
Concentrated Mana Potion.png Concentrated Mana Flask Greatly increases wand mana regeneration increases mana regeneration, and gives a cool particle effect Wears off very quickly with movement
Acceleratium Greatly increases walking and horizontal flying speed No known effect. Wears off very quickly with movement
Flummoxium Reverses horizontal movement direction Reverses horizontal movement direction for a few seconds. Affected creature has a large pink question mark above their head
55x55px Healthium Flask Rapidly heals the user when standing in it. ? Extremely rare. Not to be confused with Lively Concoction, a very similar liquid.
Urine Flask.png Urine Flask Only to be used in Alchemy. ? Currently only obtainable from potion stands and chests. Used to be emitted from deer, but was scrapped due to the shenanigans it caused.
Lively Concotion Flask.png Lively Concoction Flask Heals the user even faster than Healthium. Restores health, similar to being stained by the Concoction, but doesn't apply any buffs. Extremely rare. Once this is sprayed, it quickly evaporates. It can be created by Alchemy.
Purifying Powder Flask.png Purifying Powder Flask Turns other liquids into water when combined. ? Extremely rare.

Seed: 584893686 (beta)

55x55px Glowing Fungal Spore Flask Spawns mushroom spores that eventually grow into mushrooms. Turns into soil if spore location isn't valid. No known effect. Has no known purpose other than for creating cosmetic mushrooms.
55x55px Gold Flask Sprays Gold which can be converted into money. ? Contains about $1000 worth of Gold particles.
55x55px Salt Flask Sprays Salt which can be combined with water to create Brine. ? If you don't have a way of digging, don't throw it at your feet or you'll get trapped and suffocate.
55x55px Worm Blood Flask Just like normal Worm Blood Improves and distorts vision for some time. Does not spawn naturally. Only acquired by filling an empty flask with worm blood.
55x55px Evergreen Seed Flask Grows bushes on the ground. No known effect. Effect works on lava (creates soil). (Seems like it creates soil on its own)

Seed: 1255527100 (chest at the start)

Sodium Flask Sprays Sodium which reacts violently with certain liquids and materials Not drinkable Confirmed to react with water, Invisiblium, polymorphine, chaotic polymorphine, pheromonium.
Draught Of Midas Flask Sprays Draught of Midas which converts most materials into gold upon contact. Makes you drunk, similar to drinking whiskey. Created by Alchemy. Can be stored in a flask by letting a waist deep pool of the Draught rest on top of gold and then collecting it.
Worm Pheromone Flask Buff Worm Food: "You feel like you're future worm food" ? Naturally spawns after December 19th update.
Ambrosia Flask Buff Protection from all: "You feel strange strength in your body" Protects you from at least enemy damage Jungle Biome, seed 20191216. Mines, seed 886152268, 810563503, 1170292069 or 1263181373 Rare?
Cement Flask Unknown ?