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Description[edit | edit source]

Flasks are containers of liquids which can be found on pedestals while traversing the caverns of Noita. They can be carried in one of the four item slots in your inventory bar, and can be equipped like a wand by either clicking the icon or pressing the hotkey for the slot (number keys 5-8 by default).

When starting a new normal game the player will start with a Water flask.

Usage[edit | edit source]

  • Flasks can either be thrown or sprayed with left and right click on mouse, respectively. Throwing creates a projectile that shatters on impact with enemies or the terrain, expelling the contents of the flask in a single burst. Spraying slowly empties the flask's contents towards the cursor, producing an Empty Flask.
  • A flask's contents may also be instantly consumed by opening your inventory and right-clicking it, depending on the circumstances this may be wasteful considering that potion fluid on the ground is always reusable. It is recommended to do when attempting to drain bodies of water more quickly than by just drinking it, or when you require the effect associated with the liquid to last for a set time (usually 10 seconds) regardless of movement or other stains.
  • Note that drinking fluid from the a pool in the world and from a Flask will not necessarily produce the same results.
  • With keyboard and mouse controls you can drop a flask to the ground by going to the inventory screen and clicking and dragging it into the world. However, flasks are brittle, and will likely shatter if not dropped gently. The flask toss strength is respective of cursor distance, which can be easily determined by the dotted arc that appears when holding a throwable item. A sufficiently deep pool of liquid will also slow a flask's fall, preventing its destruction.

Refilling and Mixing[edit | edit source]

  • Flasks typically spawn filled to 100%, and may be manually refilled back up to that level. They may sometimes spawn filled to 200%, but if emptied will only be able to be filled up to 100%. Flasks that spawn at the 200% level usually come from the Alchemist or Fire Hiisi who throws flasks at the player as their primary mode of attack. They can be acquired by grabbing them in mid-air or picked up if they landed in a deep enough pool of liquid that prevented them from breaking.
  • While the player has an equipped flask at less than 100% capacity, the flask will automatically fill itself with any liquid that the top of it comes in contact with, whether the player wants the liquid to be bottled up or not. As hinted above, flasks can also be filled by dropping them carefully into a pool of the liquid you want to collect.
    • Filling a flask can be accelerated by waving the mouse around while submerged. This both fills the flask faster and can allow you fill a flask from a smaller puddle than you normally could.
  • Flasks can contain a mixture of liquids, and will release all contained substances at once when sprayed or broken. Mixing substances can sometimes be detrimental - for example, if you're attempting to spray Lava or Toxic Sludge and your flask has been contaminated with Water, the water may neutralize the lava/sludge in midair.
    • However, the materials will not necessarily "spread out" over the capacity of the flask. For example, a flask that is 90% water which is topped up with oil will spray the oil first and become a pure water flask.

Exploration[edit | edit source]

  • Projectiles and explosions may puncture holes in flasks laying around in the world, causing the liquid to leak out in a large spray. Enough damage may cause the potion to completely break on the spot as if it had been thrown, creating a burst of liquid and destroying the containing flask. Often, damage like this may occur without player interaction, leaving the player to discover pools of magical liquids in places they wouldn't normally spawn. Flasks that have been damaged but not destroyed will function normally if the player picks it up.
  • The mines will sometimes spawn with a room containing a large pit and multiple shelves of flasks, which is often populated by alchemists. The Hiisi Base has a similar room, but that is just a bar with breakable bottles that don't contain anything.

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