Freeze Charge

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Freeze Charge Spell freeze.png
Causes the projectile to release a frozen charge on impact
Type Projectile modifier
Mana drain 10

Freeze Charge is a modifier that makes projectiles freeze terrain, items and enemies in a small radius around it as it travels. Liquids will transform into their frozen counterparts and solid matter will gain the "Frozen" prefix, turning Rock into Frozen Rock and so on. The projectile will also rain down Snow as it flies, settling on the ground in piles.

Enemies hit by the projectile may become chilled at first, requiring additional hits to be completely frozen. Also, more powerful enemies will thaw out faster and resume their attacks. A creature that has been frozen solid can be killed in a single hit, as long as that hit inflicts physical damage (like a kick, or Tentacle slap).

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Due to how the Tentacle spell inflicts multiple damage ticks as it flies, it can one-shot pretty much every enemy in the whole game if used with this modifier.
  • The freezing effect can even freeze burning fire itself! It turns it into red sand-like particles on the ground.
  • Liquids without frozen counterparts, like most magic substances like Berserkium and Polymophine as well as oil, are unaffected.
  • Lava freezes into solid Rock, just as if sprayed with water.
  • Using this with long-lasting, quick-firing projectiles may slow down even powerful computers.