Freezing Liquid

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Freezing Liquid
Type Liquid
Biomes Various
Emits from Ice Skull, Rock Spirit, Monolith
Evaporates into Freezing Vapours
Freezes into n/a
Stain effect Damage
Drink effect ?
Density 1? (Base)?

Freezing Liquid is an extremely cold liquid that very quickly evaporates into Freezing Vapours when exposed to air. It's a dangerous substance that is much more commonly seen in its gas form, Freezing Vapours, due to how quickly it evaporates.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Freezing liquid is only produced by a select few enemies, mostly encountered in the Snowy Depths and Hiisi Base. Other than that it can appear inside a procedurally spawned Potion.

Blue Gas Canisters, as might be expected, explode with the gaseous form, not the liquid.