Giant Magic Missile

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GIANT MAGIC MISSLE Spell rocket tier 3.png
The most powerful version of Magic Missile
Type Projectile
Damage 125
Uses remaining 10
Mana drain 120
Explosion damage 520
Explosion radius 42
Speed 85
Cast delay +2.0 s

The most powerful version of the Magic Missile, causing massive damage and a large hole in the terrain where it hits.

It has a use limit of 6 charges.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The low limit of 6 charges and very high cast delay of +2 seconds makes the Giant Magic Missile more risky to use compared to its lower ranked brethren. It's hard to argue with the results, though!
  • You pretty much need more than one copy of this spell in the wand so you wont risk running out and killing the wand slot until next temple.
  • The "Unlimited Spells" Perk is particularly useful to have, as it will remove the 6-charge limit and allow you to cast the Giant Magic Missile as many times as you like. Just be careful not to blow yourself up!

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