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Powder, Solid
3 Medium
Emits from
Most enemies when killed

Gold is a powder and solid material in Noita, spawning in rock and as Rigid Body gold nuggets.

Properties[edit | edit source]

Gold is a heavy powder that resists most explosions. It conducts electricity and, upon contact with the player, is destroyed and converted into money for spending in the Holy Mountain and other shops.

Upon death, most enemies will drop at least one Rigid Body gold nugget. This nugget will disappear after not being collected for a certain amount of time.

There are some enemies that do not drop any gold at all, for example Lukki and its brothers as well as all enemies spawned from hives.

  • Small gold nugget = $10
  • Medium gold nugget = $50
  • Large gold nugget = $200
  • Huge gold nugget = $1000
  • Golden idol = $10000

The nugget will flash white when getting close to vanishing, and flash faster as it gets closer. Uncollected nuggets do not add money to the player's account.