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Powder, Solid
3 Medium
Emits from
Most enemies when killed

Gold is a powder and solid material in Noita, spawning in stone and as Rigid Body gold nuggets.

Properties[edit | edit source]

Gold is a heavy powder that resists explosions. It conducts electricity and, upon contact with the player, is destroyed and converted into money for spending in the Holy Mountain and other shops.

Mining[edit | edit source]

Pockets of gold dust are found around the world, but are very frequent in the Coal Pits. Spells such as Digging Bolt, Digging Blast, and Chainsaw will not destroy gold and are effective for collecting it. Other spells such Triplicate Bolt, Energy Orb, or Magic Bolt can destroy terrain without destroying gold and can work if the player doesn't have any other options. Explosive spells also work, but are typically limited use without the Unlimited Spells Perk.

The Luminous Drill spell will destroy gold, so players should be careful if trying to use that spell to mine it. Gold nuggets can also be damaged by this spell, and will disappear if damaged too much.

Lava will also very quickly turn gold powder into more lava, and acid will destroy it. Gold nuggets are unaffected.

Gold Nuggets[edit | edit source]

Upon death, most enemies will drop at least one gold nugget. When contact is made, It collects the entire Rigid Body, rather than just a single pixel. This nugget will disappear after not being collected for a certain amount of time.

There are some enemies that do not drop any gold at all, for example Lukki and its brothers as well as all enemies spawned from hives.

  • Small gold nugget = $10
  • Medium gold nugget = $50
  • Large gold nugget = $200
  • Huge gold nugget = $1000
  • Golden idol = $10000

The nugget will flash white when getting close to vanishing, and flash faster as it gets closer. Uncollected nuggets do not add money to the player's pool.