Ground To Sand

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Ground To Sand Spell static to sand.png
Makes any hard, solid materials within a projectile's range turn into sand
Type Projectile modifier
Uses remaining 8
Mana drain 70
Cast delay +1.00s
Transmutation Spells
Blood To Acid
Chaotic Transmutation
Ground To Sand
Lava To Blood
Toxic Sludge To Acid
Water To Poison
Spell modifiers that cause projectiles to transmute nearby materials.

This projectile modifier spell causes affected projectiles to transmute any non-powder solid materials into sand in a moderate radius around them as they travel.

Despite the tooltip, 'soft' materials such as packed snow will still be transmuted.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • If not for the limited use amount, this would be the best tool for digging in the game. If you can find an Always-Cast wand with it or the unlimited spells perk, however, the world will melt before you.
  • Glowing Lance cuts through powders, making it perfect for use with Ground to Sand. The Lance will travel through the terrain for as far as it flies, or until it reaches the end of simulation distance.
  • This modifier, particularly when used with the above spell and with speed modifiers, makes short work of the thick walls at the edges of the world provided that the player has a way of clearing the resulting sand. The Increase Duration and Horizontal Path modifiers combined with the Dissolve Powders perk allow the player to simply walk behind the projectile as it flies, clearing through the sand it leaves behind.
  • Will affect the brickwork material of Holy Mountains, so care should be taken to not anger the gods.
  • Combining this modifier with chaotic transmutation will allow turning any materials into a different powder or liquid.