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Hastium Flask.png
Type Liquid
Freezes into n/a
Stain effect Movement Speed Up


Drink effect Movement Speed Up for 10s

Levitation for 10s

Density ?

Hastium is a lime green magical liquid that increases both your horizontal movement speed and vertical levitation speed at the same time. It will never spawn in potions naturally and is only created through alchemy.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is unique in that it gives two buffing status effects simultaneously, regardless of whether you drink it or stain yourself with it.
  • Also uniquely, consuming it will give you both the individual effects at half the duration, or 10s per consumable use, compared to consuming Acceleratium/Levitatium individually which would give you 20s of their respective effect.
  • Interestingly, the stain effect lasts for a very long time compared to the buff from consumption. This makes it very well suited for overworld exploration where other staining liquids aren't as prevalent.

Transmutations[edit | edit source]

Components Result(s)
Acceleratium + Levitatium Hastium
Hastium + Slime Gunpowder (active)