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Attack Type
Shotgun (7 per projectile)

Melee (10-13)

Blood Fluid
Spawn Location(s)
Mines, Collapsed Mines, Coal Pits, Snowy Depths, Hiisi Base
Weaker version spawns in Mines

The Shotgun Hiisi (actual name Haulikkohiisi) is a humanoid Hiisi that uses a shotgun as its primary weapon, firing at range and swinging it in melee.

Gameplay and Behaviour[edit | edit source]

The Hiisi will typically attack all other enemies, but will not attack other Hiisi.

Haulikkohiisi will take aim and fire their shotgun at their targets. The ones in the Mines are slow to fire and have low HP, allowing the player to kill them quickly, but in later encounters they fire much quicker, have good precision, and have more HP, making them much more threatening. They can also fire in mid-air while jumping or falling.

Shotgun pellets will destroy soft materials, so care should be taken not to stand next to fragile reservoirs of dangerous liquids such as toxic sludge if being fired upon.

The shotgun blast has travel time which can be avoided. Be careful of the projectile arc - the wide radius of the blast combined with the curvature of the shot means hiding behind cover can be difficult.