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Type Liquid
Drink effect Regeneration for 7.5 seconds
Density 5.53

Healthium is a Magical Liquid which spawns extremely rarely in Potions. It is a glowing, lime-green liquid. Uniquely, it is consumed on contact when touched in the world (similar to how Gold powder is automatically collected), healing the player by 1 ♥ per pixel absorbed. This sets it apart from Lively Concoction which heals you by staining. Unlike Lively Concoction, Healthium does not evaporate on its own.

When drunk from a flask in the inventory, the player receives the Regeneration status effect for 7.5 seconds and gains for 8% Satiation. This heals up to 75% of your current max HP.

There are no known alchemical reactions that involve Healthium.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Be extremely careful to not break any Healthium potions you do find, as its absorption behaviour makes it very difficult to bottle.
  • Drinking Healthium is far more effective than absorbing it as the regeneration effect gained from drinking it scales with your max HP. A full potion essentially provides you with 10 full heals you can use at will.

Seeds[edit | edit source]

As one of the rarest liquids in the game (if not THE rarest), you're likely to go through dozens if not hundreds of runs without ever encountering it. However, there are some seeds where its presence is confirmed. Keep in mind, though, that later updates may change procedural generation parameters and unless you have the correct game version the potion may not be there.

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Seed # Version Description
1042733081 Sauna Hotfix 1 To the southeast of the Holy Mountain in the Snowy Depths, close to an in-biome spell shop.
1225203483 Unknown In the East parallel world, in the very top-left corner of the East Fungal Cavern biome (connected to the East Coal Pits)
1085270694 build Jun 29 2020 In The Mines
1463397847 Unknown in the Coal Pits, central-left area towards the Fungal Caves
2049715852 build Dec 1 2020 The Mines. This potion room is directly below the tutorial area of the mine entrance, about one screen above the first exit to the Holy Mountain. This room also contains potions of Acceleratium, Ambrosia, Berserkium and Invisiblium, as well as a pool of Concentrated Mana directly adjacent.
593437786 Unknown The Mines. The potion is found to the right of the mine entrance.
1084986077 build Dec 21 2020 The Mines, below the entrance.
552210875 Build Dec 1 2020 The Mines, To the right at the bottom of the ramp entering the mines.
1208729064 Build Dec 1 2020 The Mines, one screen to the left, at the bottom of the ramp entering the mines.
1111506208 Build Dec 1 2020 Snowy Depths, to the right near a spell shop.
1734354706 Build Dec 1 2020 The mines Vat found in mines 1.0 version
1889348073 1.0 The Mines, right and low.
1546107007 Unknown The Mines. Left from the entrance
971208159 Unknown The Mines, directly beneath ramp entrance
942590265 Build

Dec 1


The Mines, below and to the left of entrance

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Absorbing Healthium from the ground.