Heavy Shot

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Heavy Shot Spell heavy shot.png
Greatly increases the damage done by a projectile, at the cost of its speed
Type Projectile modifier
Mana drain 7
Damage (Projectile) +43.75
Cast delay +0.17s
Speed modifier x 0.30
Damage Modifier Spells
Damage Plus
Heavy Shot
Light Shot
Random Damage
Spell modifiers that adjust the damage of the affected projectiles.

A Spell modifier that adds a very large amount of damage to a projectile while greatly slowing it down. Also adds a some extra recoil.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Speed Up modifier can help mitigate the speed reduction caused by Heavy Shot.
  • This spell can be used to great effect with a non-shuffle wand and a trigger (such as Spark Bolt) by placing the heavy shot after the trigger and before other spells. This will produce a combo that delivers the heavy shot affected spell like a payload, bypassing its slow speed.
  • It also has great synergy with Death Cross, because Death Cross does not self-destruct or get bounced away upon impact with another enemy. This allows the cross to deal damage continuously to anything touching it until it explodes.
  • Combining Heavy Shot with a cloud of mist type spell results in a deadly damage over time effect. Couple it with Homing for a truly devastating cloud that seeks out enemies and melts them in less than a second.
  • Just like Damage Plus, the Heavy Shot will negate the healing caused by Heal Projectile and cause it to do damage instead.
  • Synergises well with Chain Bolt as its projectile is barely or not at all affected by the speed decrease. Piling multiple Heavy Shot modifiers on a Chain Shot can create a very powerful auto-aiming wand.