Heavy Shot

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A Spell modifier.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Speed Up modifier can help mitigate the speed reduction caused by Heavy Shot.

This spell can be used to great effect with an non-shuffle wand and a trigger or timer projectile: place heavy shot after the re-emitting projectile spell and before other spells means the player can deliver a high damage “payload”

With “death cross” in particular, because death-cross does not self-destruct or get bounced away upon impact with another enemy, this allows heavy shot to deal damage continuously to anything touching it, allowing it to deal lethal damage to almost anything including the boss.

Combining Heavy Shot with a cloud of mist type spell results in a deadly damage over time effect.

Heavy Shot Spell heavy shot.png
Greatly increases the damage done by the spell but reduces speed at which it flies
Type Projectile modifier
Damage +44
Mana drain 7
Cast delay +0.17 s
Projectile speed x 0.30

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