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Weak Hound
Attack Type
Blood Fluid
Drops On Death
1 Gold Nugget
Spawn Location(s)
These creatures jump about at random until they see you, so be wary of attacking one mid-jump

The Weak Hound (in-game name Heikkohurtta) is a creature that inhabits the Mines.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Heikkohurttas' eyes shine with a bright red light, making them easy to spot while they lurk in the dark. They have slow reaction times, but can move quickly and jump over considerable distances when engaging prey. Their only method of attack is slashing with claws at melee range. Heikkohurttas are necrophages and cannibals, consuming any fresh blood-filled corpses and thus precluding their use for blood-farming.

Various Hiisi will often be seen attacking these enemies at the start of the game, denoting them as separate "factions".

They are poor swimmers, usually getting stuck in bodies of liquid, often seen drowning as well.

They very low health also makes them die quickly to fire, encouraging using lanterns for an easy extra Gold Nugget.