Helvetin sylkijä

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Helvetin sylkijä
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"Hell Spitter"
Health 1500 ♥
Attack Type Projectile
Bleeds Hell Slime
Slime (Corpse)
Spawn Location The Work (Hell)
Damage Multipliers
Melee 1.0
Drill 0.5
Projectile 1.0
Fire 0.0
Freeze 1.2
Electricity 0.8
Explosion 0.8

  • 600 Gold nugget.png

The Hell Spitter (in-game name Helvetin sylkijä) is an enemy found throughout The Work (Hell).

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Upon detection of the player, the Hell Spitter will fire fast-moving pink projectiles in the player's direction, dealing hearty damage and heartier knockback if not avoided. Though the Hell Spitter does not possess flight like the Hell Gazer and Blood Crystal, it can leap very long distances, which could catch an untrained player off guard.