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The Hiisi are a diverse type of humanoid enemies using various technology such as firearms, jetpacks, explosives, robots, etc.

Lots of them are found in Snowy Depths, Sandcave and Hiisi Base.

They include:

Tactics[edit | edit source]

To deal with Hiisi, strategy is key. All Hiisi have projectile attacks. In the case of the fire and dynamite Hiisi, get as close as possible, as their projectiles will fly through you and explode way behind you. Stay flying up high for the Shotgunner, Grenadier, Leader, and Minelayer Hiisi, as their projectiles are affected by gravity. And the Minelayer can't even harm you without surfaces nearby! Focus on dodging with the Rifle Hiisi, as their attacks disable levitation and make it easy to hit you again. With the Turret, you can just ignore it, as it can't move and only shoots horizontally. Use any ranged spell to wear it down. Use explosives to get rid of Tank enemies, as they are one of the most dangerous Hiisi due to their immense firepower. Move a lot to avoid the Sniper Hiisi, and definitely stay behind cover, as they are one of the most accurate enemies in the game. Prioritise Medic Hiisi, because even though they pose little threat, they heal other Hiisi that pose much more threat and have much larger guns.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Finnish, the word 'hiisi' describes a troll or (more commonly in modern Finnish) goblin, that protect sacred mountains or hills, much as the Hiisi of Noita seek to prevent the player from descending the depths of the mountain.