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The Hiisi Base is the 4th main biome of the game, following the Snowy Depths and preceding the Underground Jungle. It is a frozen fortress inhabited by vast amounts of Hiisi.

Layout[edit | edit source]

The Hiisi Base consists of a series of steel corridors though the ice and rock, leading all over the entire base but are frequently blocked by piles of Snow. Dotted throughout the base are both small and large basins filled with Toxic Sludge which can be cleansed with Water to provide more of the same to refill your flasks.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • The Hiisi Bar can rarely spawn here, providing some fun scenery and breakable items but no useable flasks.
  • A Sauna may spawn, which will always contain a Kiuaskivi and either a Vashta or Vihta unique wand.
  • Treasure Rooms sometimes appear, housing a Chest or Max health upgrade. They are occasionally completely surrounded by Steel walls, so you'll need either Acid, Concentrated Mana, or spells capable of digging through steel to access.
  • A spell shop containing 4-5 purchasable spells will often generate along either the left or right edges of the biome. These generate in parallel world versions of the base, as well.
  • Above the spell shop you can find The Hourglass Chamber.
  • Rarely, there are large drills in the area, which contain oil as well as a small store of gold underneath. These can be activated by applying electricity, which will ignite the fuel. When activated, the drill will create a series of ion beams at its base, gradually digging away everything underneath.
  • In the right-down corner of the Hiisi base, you can find an anvil. You can throw items marked as "broken" on it to fix them.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

As their base of operations, this biome is dominated by vast amounts of Hiisi and their robotic servants:

Wands & Spells[edit | edit source]

All wands spawned in the Hiisi base will be from Tier 3, and the spells found in the spell shop in one of the outside walls of the biome will contain Tier 2 spells.

See this page for a full list of the spells that can spawn in this biome.

Hazards & Environment[edit | edit source]

In addition to furniture props scattered about, there are also many hazardous Props and materials scattered throughout the biome, including:

  • Wooden explosive crates.
  • Purple propane tanks, which contain large quantities of Freezing Vapour and may launch themselves erratically when damaged before exploding violently and releasing the remainder of their contents.
  • Large wooden crates which leak volatile Gunpowder when damaged and will explode on being destroyed.
  • Shield Generators which block projectiles from passing through, and deactivate when approached by enemies or the player. If damaged, these will release a Thunder Charge which will explode and send electrical shocks in all directions.
  • Innocuous-looking fluorescent lamps are attached to the ceiling of many of the narrow corridors. If damaged, they can emit very hazardous electric shocks for some time before shorting out. Be cautious around any damaged lamps, as even a small electrical jolt can render the player helpless for several seconds.
  • Pools of Toxic Sludge or Unstable Polymorphine.
  • Pools of Lava in Glass basins which may contain wands or other items.
  • Huge vats of Teleportatium completely encased in Dense Steel can also sometimes be found.

Be aware that explosives can often be found underneath piles of Snow, making digging through the innocuous snow piles much more hazardous in this biome.

Connected Areas[edit | edit source]

The only access point out of the base are the portals at the bottom, leading on to the Underground Jungle.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Hiisi Base shop, found to the right of the biome.
A relatively unscathed Hiisi Bar