Hohtava hyypiö

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"Hohtava hyypiö"
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Glowing Creep
Attack Type
Retaliation beam
Blood Fluid
Magical Liquid
Drops On Death
140 Gold
Spawn Location(s)
Temple of the Art
Passive if not attacked

The Glowing Creep (in-game name Hohtava hyypiö) is a ghostly white creature native to the Cloudscape, Temple of the Art, that can rarely be seen in the Magical Temple. It has a retaliation attack but is otherwise not aggressive.

Behaviour & Combat[edit | edit source]

As the Hohtava hyypiö is a non-aggressive creature, it will never attack the player on its own. However, it will follow you to the ends of the earth if allowed to and loves to get in the way of your spells which is where its true nature is revealed.

Upon hit with any direct spell attack, the creature will immediately retaliate with an extremely fast white laser beam dealing around 20 damage each. It will fire exactly 1 laser per damage tick, so using a rapid fire wand against it is a death sentence, as the lasers will chew through even large HP pools in mere seconds. Any shields you have will quickly break and offers barely any protection at all against such an onslaught. To make matters worse, the creature is very tanky and can take quite a beating before it dies.

The lasers, while extremely fast, can be dodged by levitating upwards or falling down and firing while in motion. The Creep will still retaliate, but the projectiles it shoots don't predict movement like some attacks. Hard-hitting spells, like those dealing massive explosions, are recommended in order to reduce the number of instances of damage dealt and thus limit the number of 'retaliation' projectiles fired by the Creep.

Finally, it is a good idea to fight these creatures around corners. Their lasers need a direct line of sight to hit you, and if it is blocked by a wall the lasers will just hit that instead. Never fight these things on their own terms. Since they don't attack until you do, you can easily lead them to a more favorable battleground.

Unstable Crystals are very effective, and Personal Gravity Field will turns its own attacks back on itself.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

"Accidental" damage, such as kicking a rock or throwing an Emerald Tablet at them, doesn't incur retaliation. Only direct damage from wands counts.