Holy Mountain

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An example holy mountain

Overview[edit | edit source]

A biome which is found by descending naturally, and separates levels.

Each Holy Mountain will contain one full health restore, a spell refresher that will refill your spell uses, a shop where you can purchase spells or wands, a small room containing the Worm Crystal, and lastly an altar with a handful of perks to choose from. There are also two large pools of water next to the health and spell restore, which can be useful for cleaning your cape or refilling flasks.

On the right side is a tunnel leading to the next area. Upon exiting, the ceiling above the perk altar will collapse and physically block the passage. Red particles will appear and deal significant damage to the player if they try to re-enter the room (though these fade away after a short time in proximity). Additionally once the ceiling collapses, you will be unable to edit any wands in the last holy mountain.

Other Important Information[edit | edit source]

The Mountain is surrounded by walls that are resistant to explosives but can be destroyed by other means such as acid or Worms. If damaged, a message will pop up saying "You have angered the gods" and a Skeleton God will spawn inside the perk room of every Mountain in the current run.

Though there are many portals at the end of each area they all share the same exit, as there is only one Holy Mountain per level. Entering a second portal on the same floor will not refresh the pickups or shop inventory.

Upon destroying the Worm crystal in the room underneath the shop, a message will appear saying "You feel less safe." and the Mountain will no longer be protected from worms.

In a recent update, the full health restore also grants ten additional maximum health points. This update also added a perk reroll, which appears as a large scale near the exit with green particles over it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

If the player makes it to a Mountain without killing anything directly in the previous area, a Chest will spawn on the perk altar.

It is possible to leave a Holy Mountain and return later with more gold for rerolling perks or shopping. The climb back up the exit tunnel can be achieved using polymorph, teleportation, low gravity/strong levitation, or a wand with strong knockback.

Polymorph can be used to safely exit the Mountain without triggering the ceiling collapse. This also allows one to return and edit wands later, just be sure to Polymorph on the way back in as well.

If the player accidently drops a bomb or similarly powerful explosive into a water pool with fish in it, the explosion will kill the fish and send their corpses flying over the player's head, similar to when a tornado in real life crosses over a lake, picks up fish in the lake, and drops the fish on a town as it dissipates over a town