A Holy Mountain is a Biome found between each of the main areas of the game, separating the levels. They are always composed of Brickwork, which is very resilient to most digging methods, and their tops are decorated with portals which lead to the central shop area within the biome. The portals are linked to the eye structures beneath them which are normally filled with Teleportatium; if an eye is emptied or enough of another material is introduced, the corresponding portal can be deactivated.

Though there are many portals at the end of each area, they all lead to the same location, as there is only one shop zone per Holy Mountain. Entering a different portal from the same floor will not refresh the pickups or shop inventory. On occasion, the entire basin containing a portal may be submerged in Blood, Water, Toxic Sludge, or Lava.



Angering the Gods



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