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Rocket Tank
Attack Type
Homing rockets
Blood Fluid
Drops On Death
around 4 gold nuggets, possibly five
explodes on death, with the power of a Bomb

The Rocket Tank (in-game name IT-Tankki) is an enemy that shoots homing rocket projectiles. They are fired at a rate of about one every three seconds. These projectiles will home on the player, but not very quickly and will often impact the ground before reaching the player. They have high knockback. Each rocket probably deals high damage. Like the KK-Tankki, it explodes on death. It, also like the KK-Tankki, moves slowly and has a light on it that shows its movement even in unexplored areas. Unlike the KK-Tankki, its light is amber. Do not fight this enemy in corridors, because of the lack of mobility, or in open caverns, because its rockets will reach the player before hitting something else.

This enemy will not attack Hiisi, but may attack other creatures, such as Jäätiö (Ice Skull) or Rottas.