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Items are utilities, that occupy the four slots to the right of your inventory. Most items can deal physical damage to enemies when thrown. Some of them have secret interactions with certain structures and/or enemies.

List of treasure items[edit | edit source]

All of these items can be found on pedestals or inside chests in any of the main biomes.

Icon Name In-game description Effect
Item Potion.png Potion Equip and throw

[ ] on item - drink

Can be used to contain liquids
Item broken wand.png Broken Wand This wand has snapped in half but it still crackles with magical energy Fires random spells when thrown
Item Egg.png Egg Equip and throw Can be thrown to crack and spawn a charmed enemy
Item safe haven.png Kammi Can be thrown to summon a cozy hut. Spawns a protective hut filled with healing bolts.
Item thunderstone.png Ukkoskivi This small rock makes you feel very charged. Gives electricity immunity when held, emits lightning shocks to conductive materials, and makes Ukko peaceful
Item brimstone.png Kiuaskivi This tiny rock looks most fiery, but when touched only a pleasant warmth can be felt. Gives fire immunity when held, burns flammable materials, evaporates liquids, and makes Stendari peaceful
Item waterstone.png Vuoksikivi This small rock is hard and solid, yet seems to be gushing with water. When held, protects from fire and turns lava into volcanic rock that will not melt. It will also wash off any stain and replace them with water.
Item moon.png Kuu This tiny celestial object has a strong gravitational pull. Attracts rigid-body items and projectiles, hovers above ground when thrown
Item runestone.png Runestone A runestone with a strong magical aura. You feel like kicking it. When active, causes a certain effect within its radius.
Item die.png Chaos Die Roll it for various prizes! Can be rolled for various effects by kicking, throwing or shooting it.
Item kakke.png Kakkakikkare This mysterious spiral-shaped artefact smells horrible and feels warm to the touch When held, turns all nearby liquid into excrement. Additionally, causes the player and all nearby enemies to take damage and vomit. Creates an infinite amount of excrement when thrown.

List of summoned items[edit | edit source]

These items can be obtained by casting specific spells.

Icon Name In-game description Effect Spell
Item Egg.png Egg Equip and throw Can be thrown to crack and spawn a charmed enemy Summon Egg
Item Egg slime.png Hollow Egg I wonder if there's anything inside? Can be thrown to cast a spell hidden inside Summon Hollow Egg
Item rock.png Rock It's a rock. Can be thrown at enemies to deal physical damage Summon Rock

List of special items[edit | edit source]

These items can only by found in specific locations, and there is a set amount of them per world.

Icon Name In-game description
Spell broken spell.png Broken Spell A malfunctioning spell
Item key.png Crystal Key The key is voiceless.
Item Emerald tablet.png Emerald Tablet (There are multiple tablets, each with a different description. See this page

for a list of all known tablets and their descriptions.)

Item gourd.png Refreshing Gourd Can be thrown to deal damage. Upon breaking, releases a refreshing aura.