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Ice skull
Attack Type
Freezing projectile
Blood Fluid
Freezing vapour
Drops On Death
10 gold
Spawn Location(s)
Snowy Depths
Projectiles turn into freezing vapour when they reach the end of their travel distance. Has a retaliation attack which fires 12 projectiles spread around it.

The jäätiö is a floating skull wreathed in freezing vapour. It will fly towards the player and shoot an projectiles which burst into a small cloud of freezing vapour after travelling a short distance. When the enemy takes damage, it shoots twelve of the these projectiles in an even circular spread.

Caution must be taken not to be caught in a cloud of the freezing vapour this enemy produces. Melee attacks are especially risky due to the retaliation projectiles it launches. This also makes high-damage projectiles more effective as they result in fewer retaliation bursts. Since the freezing vapour they produce floats upward, it is generally better to shoot them from below.

Jäätiö often appear alone, but can spawn in pairs or even groups of up to three. They will typically not attack other enemies unless provoked, much like hiisi.