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Ice Skull
Attack Type
freezing vapour projectile
Blood Fluid
None/Freezing Vapour (not a fluid)
Drops On Death
One gold nugget
Spawn Location(s)
Snowy Depths
projectiles turn into cold vapor when they disappear. Has a retaliation attack.

The Ice Skull (in-game name Jäätiö) is an enemy that appears to be a floating skull wrapped in freezing vapour. It will fly towards the player and shoot a projectile at them when it is very close (close enough to hit with a chainsaw spell). If this enemy takes damage from the player or another enemy, they shoot projectiles in every direction. All its projectiles turn into freezing vapour once they travel a short distance.

When fighting this enemy, caution must be taken. Melee attacks will kill you, as will not ducking behind cover. They sometimes appear in small groups of three.

Ice skulls will not attack other enemies unless provoked, as is the case with Hiisi.

Since their freezing vapor floats upward, it is generally better to shoot them from below. Also, their on-hit projectiles can be useful to hit other surrounding enemies.