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//optional, default is 250x250px
Attack Type
Machine gun
Blood Fluid
Drops On Death
4 gold nuggets (estimate)
Spawn Location(s)
Snowy Depths, Hiisi Base, Underground Jungle (possibly), The Vault (possibly)
explodes on death with the radius of a Bomb

The Tank (in-game name KK-Tankki) is an enemy. It is a robotic enemy that explodes when defeated. It is very slow and cannot jump, but it boasts a lot of firepower. If it sees the player, it will slowly rotate its barrel to face them and begin firing. It shoots bullets that have a moderately high velocity fairly inaccurately, but it shoots a lot of them, quite quickly. Hide behind snow piles, walls, or even ice, as it will not fire without a line of sight. It has a blue light on it that shows its movement, even in undiscovered areas. Do not confuse it with the also very dangerous IT-Tankki, which shoots homing rockets and has an amber light and armour, or the Laser-Tankki, which shoots laser blasts and has a green light and armour. Its death explosion is as large as a bomb and also produces fire.

It is impervious to fire and resistant to most projectiles. However, generally, a well-placed explosive will make short work of a Tankki. Electric attack may also prove effective.

A KK-Tankki will not attack other Hiisi, but may still attack other enemies, such as Rottas.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The KK-Tankki seems to be the most common tank, with several of them in the same room occasionally in the Hiisi Base. In the Snowy Depths a structure may generate with a wooden background and steel and wood walls. This may generate with 3-4 KK-Tankkis inside it. The next common tank is the IT-Tankki, and the rarest is the Laser-Tankki.