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The content of this article or section is describing content from the Experimental Beta branch, and is currently not part of the public release version.

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"Toothy spider"
Health 600 ♥
Attack Type Melee
Bleeds Slime
Spawn Location Lukki Lair
Damage Multipliers
Melee 0.2x
Projectile -0.2x
Slice 1.0x
Fire 0.4x
Ice 1.2x
Electricity 0.0x
Explosion -0.2x

Can dig through any material with its mouth


  • 240 Gold nugget.png

The Toothy Spider (in-game name Kammolukki) is an enemy native to the Lukki Lair. It has large round jaws with many teeth. Unlike normal Lukki, it will attempt to attack with its mouth instead of its limbs. When inside its jaws you will take 60 melee damage per second.

Combat Tips[edit | edit source]

As it heals from projectile and explosion damage, the most reliable ways to kill it are: Slice Spells, Freezing Gaze, Giga Black Hole or Tentacle (combined with Freeze Charge, a single tentacle is often enough to kill).