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This page includes possible gameplay spoilers or secrets. Tread carefully.

Monster ultimate killer.png
"Horror Monster"
Health 87.5 ♥
Attack Type Evergreen Seed projectile
Attack Damage 0
Bleeds Blood
Spawn Location Frozen Vault
Damage Multipliers
Drill 0.5x

Unleashes a violent explosion on death which has a radius and ground-crumbling effect similar to a Nuke, but deals barely any damage.

The Horror Monster (in-game name Kauhuhirviö) is a secret flying creature in Noita. It has a comical cartoon-like face and simple sprite.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Upon death, it explodes in a massive area, roughly the size of a Holy Bomb explosion, depositing a large amount of Slime and causing an earthquake effect (similar to the Earthquake spell) in the process.

If provoked, it spits harmless seeds at its assailant which grow various kinds of small trees and shrubs if they hit the ground. The Horror Monster spawns exclusively in the Frozen Vault, albeit very rarely. It may also be encountered from Hahmonvaihtaja or as a result of Chaotic Polymorphine.