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The Angry Phantom (in-game name Kiukkukalma) is an enemy found within the Magical Temple. Looking very similar to the Spiraalikalma, it can be distinguished by the number and pattern of its eyes.

Kiukkukalma BG Final.png
Attack Type
Projectile, Energy Orb
Blood Fluid
Magical Liquid
Drops On Death
3 gold
Spawn Location(s)
Magical Temple, Temple of the Art

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Much like the Spiraalikama, the Kiukkukalma is a floating enemy. It remains within the Magical Temple patrolling the halls until the player makes their presence known. At this point, the Kiukkukalma will begin to move toward and attack the player.

It fires large green energy orbs in a straight line. These orbs have medium range and disperse midair if they do not come in contact with an object or wall. Along their flight, the orbs will rhythmically shoot smaller orbs in an octagonal pattern.

If shot while in the air, the Kiukkukalma will become stunned momentarily, and drop to the ground.

Combat Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Both this and the Spiraalikama are similar in behavior and attack pattern, so they share practically the same advice.
  • This enemy is a slow flier, so you should be able to choose where you fight.
  • Both the primary and secondary projectiles it fires are quite slow, but numerous. Use the corners and geography of the Magical Temple to reduce its area control.
    • The slow speed of the projectiles mean that the Projectile Repulsion Perk will render this enemy practically unable to hurt you.